Manufacturing Services


Precision Machining Capabilities

UltraTech Aerospace offers a variety of precision machining capabilities.  We specialize in:

  • AWS D17.1 and ASME IX Welding (GMAW,GTAW)
  • 3-, 4-, and 5-axis milling
  • Turning
  • Wire EDM machining
  • Load testing
  • Assembly

Our team integrates technology from start to finish, using state-of-the-art machines, an ERP system, and all supporting hardware.   The result is precision-manufactured components with shorter lead times produced to the highest quality standards—and delivered on-time. Our dedication to performance ensures that our customers meet their deadlines, reduce their working capital, and minimize their supply chain costs.

UltraTech offers a wide range of 3-, 4-, and 5-axis aluminum and hard metal machines for parts ranging in size from 0.01 in. to 120 in. The majority of parts we make will fit within a 3 ft. cube.   Our primary strength is in machining 4- and 5-axis complex milling, turning, and assembly work.  We also have EDM capabilities for unique geometries and hardened materials.

Moreover, we have extensive experience managing large multi-year aerospace programs.   Our expertise, combined with optimized tooling, allows us to deliver quality reliable parts at high manufacturing rates on some of the most advanced aerospace platforms in the market today.

UltraTech’s highly skilled machinists go through rigorous, continual training and have years of aerospace experience and knowledge—giving our customers the confidence that we’ll meet their tight tolerance requirements.  Your job will be done correctly, accurately, and on-time.

With an ever-changing aerospace industry, you need your suppliers to not only be innovative—but also to share in the risk of production.  UltraTech is fully committed to investing in the latest technology and manufacturing to meet your demands.