Seamless Supply Chain Management for Precision Bearings and Fittings

UltraTech Aerospace Distribution specializes in precision bearing and fitting solutions for aerospace applications for both commercial and defense. Our supply chain management systems ensure a seamless supply chain from the manufacturer to the end user, and are designed to help you achieve your cost-saving initiatives.  Our quality standards ensure full traceability, and we are both AS9100 Rev C registered, as well as ITAR registered.

If you are experiencing late deliveries, long lead times, inferior quality, or excessive inventories and would like to improve your workforce productivity—or you are interested in moving your supply chain management activities to a trusted partner—we would love to discuss your needs and demonstrate how we have achieved those improvements with other customers.

UltraTech Aerospace is both a manufacturer and distributor of components for both commercial and defense, with a dedicated engineering support team that can provide technical and sales support for your most complex inquiries.  We are experienced in providing inventory management services to aerospace markets, and our turnkey solutions can:

  • Reduce or eliminate your inventory levels—to match your production demand
  • Design an inventory system—to reduce lead times and eliminate shortages
  • Eliminate your administration costs
  • Reduce the number of vendors you currently use
  • Design a supply chain management system for your specific needs
  • Improve your cash flow
  • Help you reallocate workforce resources
  • Fully integrate with your MRP/ERP system

The experts at UltraTech Aerospace can work with you to develop lean initiative programs providing you with quantified cost savings. We accomplish this through our innovative point-of-use systems, such as Kanban, JIT, kitting, and automatic bin replenishment.

The bearings supplied by our manufacturers are used in many aerospace applications including:

  • Flight controls
  • Doors
  • Galley interiors
  • Engines
  • Landing gear
  • Instrumentation
  • FAA repair stations

UltraTech Aerospace is committed to value added services in aerospace bearings and defines excellence through strong supplier support, on time delivery, new product and service expansion, and we attribute our success to an experienced and committed staff.  Let us demonstrate how we provide value daily for our customers.